Hi, I’m Aaron Lam. I like to travel, take photos, produce music and paint walls. I’m from Victoria, Canada and I now work in Hong Kong as a music/tech teacher.

I’m fascinated by countries I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met. I’m addicted to learning musical instruments and trying new artistic mediums. Art, music and humor are my favorite means of relating to others. I believe education and technology are the keys to understanding today’s problems and figuring out the solutions. I’m drawn towards minimalism, jazz chords, sarcasm and gravity.

I struggle with being serious and finishing things. So, to finish this bio seriously, here’s a picture of me dressed as a Scottish-Chinese ambassador taken in Vancouver when I had first immigrated from Hong Kong in 1995.

Classic McLam clan colors.

“Canada is A-Okay!” – A young Aaron in traditional McLam clan red-leisure tartan.

Find out about me as a photographer, musician, street artist, or tech teacher. If you want to know more about my personal history, read this. If you would like to meet up and chat, shoot me an email and let’s grab coffee. Thank you for visiting.